About EAU

EAU Technologies, Inc. (EAU) is an innovative technology and engineering company positioned to become the leading supplier of water electrolysis technology in the United States. Our primary market focus on Clean-In-Place (CIP) applications, especially in food and beverage processing. Our products reduce cost, improve water stewardship, reduce energy use, reduce environmental impact, and improve the safety of employee working environments. We enable processors to adopt a more sustainable manufacturing system, reducing chemical use for cleaning and sanitizing. Our fluids are generated on-site using safe to handle ingredients.

EAU was founded in 1998 as a supplier of electrolysis technologies with numerous applications targeting a wide array of industries. Our water-based products and services are replacing many of the traditional toxic chemical methods and products now being used to clean and disinfect. As an innovative leader in the electrolyzed water industry, EAU has pioneered multiple innovations including: pH balanced EO water, low chloride EO water, high volume production, real time monitoring and remote alarms, and independent EO and ER fluid production to match varying plant usage requirements. A key requirement in industrial strength products is monitoring and ensuring product quality. EAU's engineering expertise has brought higher levels of monitoring and quality assurance to the EO/ECA water industry.

Our Empowered Waterâ„¢ technologies offer exceptional microbicidal capabilities, while having no toxicity to humans, animals or the environment with the concentrations we create. Years of documented test results in the food processing, agriculture, and carpet cleaning industries have demonstrated Empowered Water's unprecedented pathogen-killing effectiveness. Successful commercial usage by numerous major corporations confirms the competitive superiority of our Empowered Water solutions.

With all necessary regulatory approvals, we continue to advance our competitive position by expanding our reach across a broad range of industries, markets and applications.

We will utilize strategic partnerships to roll out our technology in selected industries where our business partner's capabilities will accelerate adoption.