Empowered Water® kills pathogens very quickly thus emulating a “physical kill”. Traditional toxic chemicals take longer to kill, theoretically allowing pathogens to create resistance to the chemical. Because of Empowered Water’s® high oxidative reduction potential (ORP), this water damages the pathogen’s cell wall membrane. The microbe is compromised, resulting in an osmotic or hydration overload. The damaged membrane allows water to flood the cell faster than the cell can expel it, literally causing the cell to burst. Because this reaction happens so quickly, there is very little left of what caused the kill to happen. You are left with plain water and with dead organics, there is no need to treat this “grey water” for chemicals.

This “physical” kill is one of the unique qualities that makes Empowered Water® superior to the products now being used in commercial and residential disinfectants and cleaners. Empowered Water® has many benefits in comparison to traditional chemicals used in food processing:

  • Empowered Water® DOES NOT create resistant strains of pathogens, which would greatly diminish their effectiveness over time. Pathogens are unable to become resistant to a “physical kill”, they can only resist substances they can neutralize or expel upon exposure, a common quality of toxic chemicals used today
  • Empowered Water® leaves little if any chemical residue
  • By the time Empowered Water® enters the ecosystem the active ingredients are virtually undetectable