Perhaps no other industry needs EAU Technologies’ Empowered Water® more desperately than the healthcare industry. Healthcare settings include hospitals, health centers, clinics, dental surgeries, and general practitioner facilities. Guidelines have been put into place for minimizing the risk of healthcare associated diseases for patients, staff, and carers. Unsafe healthcare settings contribute to a significant proportion of some diseases. According to the World Health Organization, “Five to thirty-five percent of patients develop one or more infections during a hospital stay – a significant proportion of which could be avoided.” The vulnerability of patients who are already ill or injured, the susceptibility of staff and carers, and the danger to those who are immune-resistant are all very high in healthcare settings. EAU Technologies wants to partner with the healthcare industry to promote the highest standard in cleanliness, sanitation, and health.

Empowered Water® is empowered water that kills pathogens very quickly without the use of toxic chemicals. OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) requires clean and sanitary work environments to prevent contact with blood or Other Potentially Infections Materials (OPIM). OSHA also requires that work surfaces be cleaned with an “appropriate disinfectant” including a diluted bleach solutions and EPA-registered antimicrobial products. With OSHA is no doubt looking to those involved with healthcare and their best interests, their requirements of cleaning are often very detailed, require multiple steps, and are time consuming. All of these lead to the likelihood of human error either in application or in order.

With EAU Technologies’ Empowered Water® there is simply less involved, meaning the likelihood of error has been greatly diminished. Our water-based products and services can replace traditional toxic chemical methods and products that are currently being used to clean and disinfect healthcare settings. EAU’s engineering expertise has brought higher levels of monitoring and quality assurance to water electrolysis technology. We enable processors to adopt a more sustainable manufacturing system, reducing chemical use for cleaning and sanitizing.

Empowered Water® is one of the greatest ways in which healthcare can reduce cost, improve water stewardship, reduce energy use, reduce environmental impact, and improve the safety of employee working environments. With all necessary regulatory approvals, EAU Technologies, Inc. continues to advance our competitive position by expanding our reach across a broad range of industries, markets, and applications.

Electrolysis of common salt with a dividing membrane between the electrodes results in two separate solutions suitable for sanitation (Anolyte) and CIP (Catholyte) – hypochlorous acid (HOCL) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) being the main constituents. Hypochlorous acid, a weak acid that also occurs naturally in the body to combat infection, is a powerful sanitizer and cleaning agent that is substantially more effective than hypochlorite. It sanitizes rapidly and effectively without the need for heating. This new technology revolutionizes CIP procedures. It helps reduce carbon footprint, shortens changeover time and saves energy as well as the costs of expensive, formulated chemicals. The process of deposit removal is fast and effective without the need for heating. However, when dealing with heavy mineral deposits and pronounced fouling it can effectively be combined with traditional CIP procedures.

EAU Technologies, Inc., is the leading provider of EMPOWERED WATER® – Electrolyzed Oxidative (EO) and Electrolyzed Reductive (ER) water equipment for high-volume, industrial and commercial applications. Our breakthrough technology has the potential to drastically affect how the healthcare industry thinks about cleaning and disinfecting with highly effective green technology without toxicity. This technology benefits healthcare patients, doctors, nurses, technicians, healthcare staff, and all those involved in any part of the healthcare industry.

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