EAU’s revolutionary water-based, cost-effective solutions deliver unique benefits across a broad spectrum of industries. Our corporate focus is rolling out applications in the Food and Beverage industry where the unique properties of Empowered Water® have significant benefits to this industry: increased profitability and improved sustainability.

Beverage Clean In Place (CIP) is the application that has gained the most market acceptance as a novel technology that adds significant value to the customer. Benefits include:

  • Increased Production Up-Time
  • Improved CIP efficiency
  • Reduced Water Usage
  • Notable Energy Savings
  • Reduced Chemicals in Waste-water
  • Improved Employee Safety

This technology has been proven in live plant trial system installations at major international beverage processors. The Coca-Cola company, with a significant corporate emphasis on sustainability, is an early adopter of Empowered Water®. A recent article in Processing Magazine highlights some of the reasons Coca-Cola is implementing EAU’s Empowered Water® for CIP in beverage plants.

EAU’s demonstrated capability to engineer robust, reliable Empowered Water® generators has been recognized as the best in our industry. We have focused on resolving the issues that have hindered this technology from gaining wide market acceptance. These improvements include:

  • Low chloride Anolyte fluids to meet manufacture’s requirements for corrosion compatibility
  • Independent production of Anolyte and Catholyte fluids to match demand at the point of use

Trials at other food processors are underway and are showing positive initial results. Please contact us at (678) 388-9492 to discuss how we can help you meet you food processing sanitizing or cleaning challenges.