EAU Technologies, Inc. is an innovative technology and engineering company with a laser focus on Clean-In-Place (CIP) applications to different markets. The hospitality and restaurant industry is a leading commerce in the United States, offering direct customer service to patrons. With the direct participation of money exchange and customer satisfaction, maintaining proper health and cleanliness regulations is an absolute must. The number one reason for shut downs in the hospitality and restaurant field is health concern to patrons and employees. EAU Technologies wants to help the hospitality and restaurant industry provide the safest and cleanest environment to both customers and employees.

Our Empowered Water® technologies are replacing many of the traditional toxic chemical cleaning methods and products that have been used over the past few decades in hotels and restaurants. Not only is Empowered Water® safe for anyone who comes into contact with the electrolyzed water, but it benefits the industries on a grand scale.

Empowered Water® technology eliminates the need for multiple cleaning solutions and applications. Traditionally, bleach and harsh disinfectants are used to clean many areas in hotels and restaurants, but because these are toxic cleaning solutions, the surfaces must then be cleaned again to remove toxins from surface areas. This time-consuming cleaning process leads to high turn over rates in the hospitality and restaurant industries, thus adding time and money to continual training and re-training of employees.

Our Empowered Water® technologies offer exceptional microbicidal capabilities, while having no toxicity to humans, animals, or the environment with the concentrations that we create. Empowered Water® cleans 100x more effectively than bleach, yet leaves no harmful chemical residue or odors behind. It is a cost effective green alternative to chemicals commonly used in the hospitality and restaurant industry that keeps employees from having to use toxic chemicals, while also achieving required health and safety standards.

There are many uses for Empowered Water® that allows it to be beneficial to the entire hospitality and restaurant industry. Multiple uses include washing linens, mops, and cleaning rags; cleaning surfaces where food is prepared; cleaning kitchens; cleaning bathrooms; cleaning common areas. EAU Technologies is the right choice for the restaurant and hospitality industry because it revolutionizes what is possible with cleaning and disinfecting.

EAU Technologies is also the sustainable choice. We all understand that we live in a world surrounded by life. Many corporations have implemented aggressive sustainability goals to minimize their carbon footprints and minimize any negative impact on the environment. With new laws passed every year, more regulations are inevitable for industries to follow in order to reduce their impact on the environment. EAU Technologies’ Empowered Water® technology helps companies reduce the use of chemicals needed for CIP applications, reduce their overall carbon footprint, and to improve sustainability going forward.

EAU Technologies, Inc., is the leading provider of EMPOWERED WATER® – Electrolyzed Oxidative (EO) and Electrolyzed Reductive (ER) water equipment for high-volume, industrial and commercial applications. Our breakthrough technology is revolutionizing food safety and the way businesses think about cleaning and disinfecting with highly effective green technology without toxicity.

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