EAU’s Empowered Water® generators utilize electrolysis, passing an electrical current through salt water, to produce electrolyzed oxidative (EO) and electrolyzed reductive (ER) water. Empowered Water® is part of the broader category of ElectroChemically-Activated (ECA) water.

EAU has engineered advanced cell designs and controls that reliably create the high volume of ready to use solutions required for industrial applications. We pioneered pH stabilized EO water and reduced residual chlorides that can cause corrosion in industrial piping. We invented processes and controls that allow independent production of the quantity and quality of acidic (EO) and alkaline (ER) fluid streams to match generation quantities to user requirements of both fluids independently, thus reducing potential waste streams produced by other generators. We create fluids at the required Ready-To-Use application strength so dilution in tap water does not reduce important qualities of the electrochemically activated water.

Empowered Water® is created on-site, at the correct strength for the intended application, in the exact quantities required for each different application. Our generators have all the required monitors and controls to guarantee the fluids created are within required application quality standards.

3 Types of Empowered Water®

  • Acidic, or Electrolyzed Oxidative (EO) water.
    Labeled Empowered A-Water, this power antimicrobial solution kills a wide variety of microorganisms with a short contact time. Read more…
  • pH balanced Electrolyzed Oxidative (EO) water.
  • Alkaline Electrolyzed Reductive water.