EAU’s Empowered C-Water is a stabilized acidic water used in consumer products or other applications as a high level disinfectant where a long shelf life and lower oxidation strength is required.

With a pH between 4 and 6, Empowered C-Water achieves similar kill rates on pathogens as Empowered B-Water, yet gentle enough to be used in areas where corrosion is an issue. EAU has done numerous studies in using this fluid as a spray and rinse. Our customers also use it extensively in floral and other agriculture products, achieving excellent results reducing spoilage dramatically. The pH of EAU’s Primacide fluids is easily regulated. Created through a patented and refined process, Empowered C-Water allows EAU to meet the specific needs of a customer.

Currently, EAU’s customers are using Empowered C-Water to extend the shelf life in the floral and produce departments. Independent studies as well as affiliated scientific studies prove that Empowered C-Water extends the shelf life by eliminating the bacterial contamination commonly present causing decay. It therefore increases the life of flowers by not allowing mold and bacteria to grow in the water. If not treated, this bio buildup clogs the hydration channels in the stems of plants and flowers, thus decreasing the quality and life of the product. As a side benefit, the floral specialist sees a dramatic decrease in labor as the manual change of water is less frequent when Empowered C-Water is used.