There is a direct relationship between consumers and products. Keeping products safe for the consumer market and other markets is essential for both the food industry and the people who buy their products. For the last decade, food recalls have become almost normal to the consumer market. E.Coli bacteria are one of the most dreaded bacteria to enter into the food source, and it can cause serious infections to those who ingest foods contaminated with the bacteria. There are other contaminates that can negatively effect consumers and the foods that they eat – pesticides and chemicals being the most destructive, and unfortunately the most popular.

Pesticides are chemicals that were created to protect crops, without taking into consideration (at first) the impact that they would have on consumers. Pesticides are substances meant for attracting, seducing, and then destroying or mitigating any pest. In general, a pesticide is a chemical that deters, incapacitates, kills, or otherwise discourages pests. Although pesticides have benefits for the production of crops, they also have drawbacks to consumers – such as toxicity. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has put standards on how products with pesticides are to be cleaned and then labeled in the food market, but studies show that even after rinsing, many foods still contain pesticides, some at dangerous levels.

One of the most beneficial uses of EAU Technologies’ Empowered Water® is installing it in greenhouses. Traditional greenhouses use a spray “fog” to kill mold, mildew, and other components that are harmful to plants. However, because this “fog” is so lethal, employees cannot re-enter the greenhouses for hours after application. Not only is this counterproductive from a financial situation because employees are locked out of productivity, but the pathogens that remained in the air once employees are allowed back in still pose a significant health risk. With SmartWater® technology, this entire process is eliminated.

Empowered Water® can be sprayed in greenhouses while employees continue to work. Pathogens are still killed in the air, but the environment is completely safe. This eliminates lockout time, increases productivity and profit, and a bonus is that most employees benefit health-wise from coming into contact with Empowered Water®.

Now, let’s take Empowered Water® out of the greenhouses and apply the same benefits to the consumer market. Crops that are grown in large quantities can be directly sprayed with Empowered Water® to sanitize the product, as well as preventing cross-contamination from any “bad fruit.” The ease of application for Empowered Water® makes it easy to manage – it can be used to rinse fruits and vegetables, spray them down, or completely immerse them for full cleaning before peeling and canning. Empowered Water® eliminates the need to manage other chemicals and pesticides because they are simply unnecessary. Empowered Water® is 100x more effective at killing pathogens, yet it is safe for consumers and the environment.

Once crops have been harvested from their fields, they are taking to large facilities where they are inspected and cleaned. Because the current application of pesticides is toxic, washing the crops leads to environmental contamination. All wastewater within a facility must be emptied into a waste treatment plant. These treatment plants are very dependent on “good bugs/organisms” to eat away bacteria within the treatment holders. However, toxic pesticides kill the good bugs, therefore, more chemicals are needed to balance out toxins and good bugs. This process continues to go around and around in a circle – one that is both expensive and not environmentally friendly.

Empowered Water® eliminates toxic waste from water treatment facilities. Empowered Water® is not harmful to the “good bugs” which are essential to the breakdown of naturally occurring bacteria in a water treatment plant, but it is also important to note that Empowered Water® is not harmful to the environment. This Green technology is safe for the environment from beginning to end in the protection, harvesting, and preparation of products for consumers.

EAU Technologies, Inc. wants to transform the way in which consumer products are produced and handled from the ground to the table. The Empowered Water® units are supplied as complete automated skid-mounted units that fill Anolyte (sanitizer) or Catholyte (cleaner) into plastic (polyethylene) storage or concentrate tanks. The electrolyte is then dosed into a normal CIP system in a similar manner to that used for dosing of concentrated sodium hydroxide or nitric acid. Essentially, this means no change in the factory CIP system.

The Empowered Water® skids mounted units are designed as high-quality, skid-mounted, plug & produce solution platform for large volume applications. They are designed for dairy, beverage, and food manufacturers all over the world who require reduced lead-time for delivery of high-quality, low- risk solutions for plant upgrades or extensions.

Based on standardized module design, each unit is built and backed by EAU Technologies and its Global Distribution Partners. EAU Technologies leverages proven engineering and automation principals, and complies with global industry standards.

Empowered Water® skidded systems feed into existing or new CIP plants. In the case of retrofit into an existing production facility, an audit is recommended in order to estimate feasibility and optimize functionality.

Approval has been given by the following authorities for electrolyzed water in relation to consumer products:

  • US Food and Drug Administration
  • US Environmental Protection Agency
  • US Department of Agriculture

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