Food safety is a huge issue in today’s different markets. With outbreaks of listeria, E.Coli, and Salmonella causing major illnesses in consumers and costing businesses millions of dollars in recalls, it is time that food safety was made a priority. EAU Technologies wants to change the way in which food safety is handled from harvest to your table. Our Empowered Water® kills pathogens in order to allow consumers to eat foods that are clean and healthy.

Many commercial farmers find that they have multiple issues when it comes to growing large crops of fruits and vegetables. One of the main issues is keeping the foods free from insects and vermin. For years, the FDA has allowed pesticides to be sprayed on produce while it is out in the fields, and it was to be washed off before it was stocked on the grocery shelves. After much testing, it was found that many of the chemicals in the pesticides remained on the fruits and vegetables after washing, meaning that consumers were ingesting harmful toxins inside their bodies. Empowered Water® allows multiple solutions to this issue. Foods can be sprayed with Empowered Water® while it is still in the fields or on the trees to keep vermin at bay. Once the foods have been harvested, the fruits and vegetables can be washed with Empowered Water® in order to kill any bacteria that is on the fruit before it goes to the shelves for consumers to purchase. Empowered Water® can also be used to clean the equipment that handles the foods throughout the sorting and packaging processes.

Numerous studies done by universities around the world have validated the effectiveness of electrolyzed water in the treatment of leafy green vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Empowered Water® is a cost effective, green alternative to common chemicals that have been used on our foods for many years. With the safety of Empowered Water®, businesses are also allowed to flourish. Employees are kept from being exposed to toxic chemicals, companies can more easily reach their sustainability goals, companies reduce their carbon footprint, and they are able to reduce waste water generation.

EAU Technologies recognizes the direct relationship between consumers and products. Keeping fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other foods safe for the consumer market is essential for both the food industry and those who purchase their products. With continued uses found in further markets, foods can be offered to consumers that are healthy, safe, and delicious.

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