EAU Technologies, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets equipment that uses water electrolysis to create non-toxic cleaning and disinfecting fluids for food safety applications in the United States. Empowered Water® can be used in pre harvest sanitation to disinfect fruit, vegetable, and nut yielding plants to kill bacteria, yeast, molds, viruses, and other harmful organisms that can compromise an entire crop.  Empowered Water® can also be used in greenhouses to kill pathogens in the air, making the entire greenhouse atmosphere safe for the plants as well as safe for employees. Empowered Water® reduces the use of toxins on plants, increasing productivity and profit because less plants are loss due to contact with harmful chemicals.

Pesticides were created to protect crops from damaging pests, and although they have been successful in that area, they have also left consumers vulnerable to consumption. Studies have shown that, even after rinsing, pesticides still remain on foods – some at dangerous levels. While the FDA has put standards in place for how to clean and label foods that have come in contact with pesticides, many foods hit the shelves covered in toxins. EAU Technologies’ Empowered Water® has proven successful at preventing crops from being negatively affected by harmful vermin while also keeping the foods that consumers eat free of harmful pathogens.

With the use of Empowered Water®, companies are able to reduce their carbon footprint and use less water, making it easier to adhere to EPA standards of water usage. Empowered Water® can be used to both disinfect and clean plants, so no additional step is needed. Empowered Water® is entirely environmentally friendly to the grounds which yield a harvest, to the crops, and to picked crops. Plants can be sprayed as they grow inside greenhouses and out in orchards without harm coming to the soil or the growing crops. This means that farmers and greenhouse owners do not have to worry about their soils becoming contaminated for future plants. Empowered Water® actually eliminates chemical fungicide, making soil and plants healthier with a longer shelf life.

Post-Harvest Sanitation

Keeping crops and plants healthy while they are growing is only one part of providing consumers with healthy foods and long-lasting plants. Foods and plants must also be healthy once they reach consumers. Post-harvest sanitation has been proven to be ineffective at removing all pesticide substances from fruits and vegetables. With  Empowered Water® fruits and vegetables can be used to rinse them once they have been harvested, spraying the equipment that they travel on, as well as cleaning the foods before they are peeled and canned.

The post-harvest sanitation process begins as soon as crops are harvested from their fields. The foods are brought by huge loads to facilities where they are inspected and cleaned. The current washing of fruits and vegetables leads to environmental contamination because pesticides are washed off of the foods and the contaminated water must then be emptied from the facility. This wastewater leads to environmental contamination, putting the environment at risk as well as companies for high penalties to pay for non-compliance to EPA standards. The produce that comes into a facility runs through equipment that is designed to sort, rinse, and then package the foods for consumers. This equipment must also be kept clean, requiring constant cleaning to remove harmful toxins from the field that have contaminated the equipment. All of these processes require multiple steps of decontamination just to make foods “safe enough” for consumers. By implementing  Empowered Water® into post-harvest sanitation, packaging can also be sanitized while the foods are being packed for shipping.

With EAU Technologies’ Empowered Water®, the process of post-harvest sanitation is taken from multiple, ineffective steps down to just one. Empowered Water® is used from the time the foods reach the facility until they are sent to market. Empowered Water® eliminates toxic waste from treatment facilities so that they are not passed on to consumers. EAU Technologies, Inc. has created Empowered Water® to transform the way in which consumer products are produced and handled from pre harvest to post harvest. We have found a proven method of reducing caustic chemicals for consumers as well as everyone who works inside the facility where produce is handled before it hits the market.

The following authorities have given approval for the usage of  Empowered Water® in relation to consumer products:

  • US Department of Agriculture
  • US Environmental Protection Agency
  • US Food and Drug Administration

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