3 Ways Electrolyzed Water Is Better Than Cleaning Chemicals

Why should you transition from traditional cleaning chemicals to SafeWater? Here are just a few ways electrolyzed water is better than chemicals like bleach.

Cost Effective

Installing a SafeWater system carries an initial upfront investment, but costs very little to operate for years afterwards. Switching to electrolyzed water is a savings since it’s made with only salt water and an electrical current. There is no more purchasing, shipping, storing, or disposing of cleaning chemicals.

Producing a gallon of electrolyzed water on site may cost as little as two cents a gallon.


When you use chemicals to disinfect, they wash out into the environment where they can pollute local waterways and affect plant and animal life.

Electrolyzed water, on the other hand, doesn’t leave any traceable elements in the surrounding environment. The weak hypochlorous acid quickly breaks back down into regular water and all that remains are dead pathogens from the disinfection process.


Cleaning chemicals need to be stored and labelled carefully to prevent accidental harmful exposure.

SafeWater requires only water and salt to create and the result is a solution that’s safe enough to use as a sanitizer for fresh food or baby pacifiers. Hypochlorous acid is also a natural substance that the human body produces to fight infections.

SafeWater in Kennesaw

Electrolyzed water is just as effective as bleach for disinfecting and cleaning. By switching from chemicals to SafeWater for industrial use, companies can save hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars on cleaning supplies.

Additionally, they can make a valuable contribution towards conservation efforts and serve their customers and patients with the highest standard of hygiene.

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