4 Reasons to Choose EAU Technologies

EAU Technologies produces Empowered Water® our trademarked formula of electrolyzed water. We design, install, and maintain electrolyzed water generators for businesses that need to produce their electrolyzed water on-site.

Why should you choose us?

1. Our Empowered Water®Works

The water we produce is capable of disinfecting every surface and item you can imagine. Our electrolyzed water has applications in industries like medicine, hospitality, agriculture, and food service.

Electrolyzed water is backed up by compelling science. This study concluded that electrolyzed water is effective against bacteria found on produce and embedded in plastic cutting boards.

Pure and simple, if you want to promote a cleaner and chemical-free environment at your facility, EAU Technologies can help.

2. We’ll Help You Save Money

A clean environment is key to running your business, but you can do so at less cost and without cutting corners with the help of EAU Technologies.

Installing our electrolyzed water generation system will provide you with all the cleansing power you need. There will be no more paying for the packaging of cleaning products, no more shipping expenses, and less risk to your employees’ health.

3. We Build Custom SafeWater Generators

At EAU Technologies, we do more than just install an appliance. We work with you to design a unit that meets your needs exactly so that you aren’t paying for more than you need.

4. EAU Technologies Is Local

If you’re looking for an electrolyzed water generator provider in Georgia, remember EAU Technologies. We know the neighborhood and the concerns of local businesses right here in Kennesaw and can connect with other local companies.

Call us to learn more about the benefits of our Empowered Water®.

Posted on behalf of EAU Technologies, Inc.

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