Clean In Place

Clean in Place (CIP) is a method of cleaning the interior surfaces of pipes, process equipment, filters, and associated fittings without disassembly. Up until the 1950s, closed systems had to be manually disassembled and cleaned. This would take hours, even days, off of production time for large factories and assemblies. The advent of CIP was a huge boost to companies that rely on frequent internal cleaning to maintain the health and safety regulations put in place by the United States Code of Federal Regulations.

CIP is a huge and vital part of many processes today, but it can add significant costs to production. The time taken to carry out a CIP cycle becomes a critical factor when it rubs up against a company’s productivity and productivity. Implementing CIP practices require a higher cost for the necessary sanitizing fluids, the amount of water necessary, and the ability to handle and dispose of chemical-laden wastewater. Lest not forget the importance of leaving a small carbon footprint, so the environmental issues related to the CIP method are always monitored.

EAU Technologies’ SafeWater® technology produces a cleaning and/or sanitizing agent on-site using a plate generator system capable of continuous production in large volumes. Through the electrolysis of a solution of sodium chloride or sodium carbonate, the solution is suitable for sanitation. This system produces an efficient, eco-friendly CIP fluid that can bring significant benefit to manufacturers with high CIP requirements.

The greatest accomplishment of SafeWater® is that it has no toxicity to humans, animals, or the environment. EAU Technologies is focused on large industrial customers in Food and Beverage CIP. Coca-Cola company is an early adopter of our generators. We facilitate improved sustainability and social responsibility in manufacturing processes. Consumers deserve to know that the foods and beverages and pharmaceuticals that they consume are safe. With EAU Technologies’ CIP method of using SafeWater, we improve the safety of consumers as well as the safety of employees working in their industry environments.

EAU Technologies, Inc. is an innovative leader in the electrolyzed water industry that has brought its expertise to higher levels of monitoring and quality assurance to CIP.

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