Cut Down Your Company’s Energy Bill with SafeWater

The key to running a profitable business is maintaining a large margin. Increase the size of your business margin by cutting down on unnecessary expenses in your energy usage.

One very effective way to do that is to install a SafeWater water electrolysis system.

How can SafeWater save you money?

Lower Cleaning Temperatures

SafeWater doesn’t need to be heated to be effective. You can render bedsheets and food prep counters and dishes perfectly sanitary without turning on the hot water.

Less Wastewater to Treat

SafeWater leaves very little, if any, detectable chemical trace. It’s virtually gone once it reaches the environment and perfectly harmless to local plants and wildlife as it’s non-toxic. SafeWater doesn’t just rinse pathogens away into the environment; it actively kills them and leaves nothing harmful behind. There are thus fewer elements to worry about as wastewater leaves your facility.

That’s a lot of energy saved that would otherwise be needed to render wastewater harmless.

Less Residue

Do your employees or cleaning staff have to spend a lot of time and company facilities to chase down chemical residue from your current lineup of cleaning agents?

SafeWater is so pure and, well, safe that it leaves no residue. You won’t even need to rinse it away with plain water. Just wash and go. One-time cleaning will save your company a lot on water, time, and energy usage.

How Much Money Can SafeWater Technology Save You?

There’s only one way to find out whether SafeWater is the right investment for your company. Meet up with one of our representatives in Kennesaw to crunch some numbers and see just how much you could save. Call EAU Technologies today.

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