Electrolyzed Water: The Best Carpet Cleaner!

Electrolyzed water is a multi-purpose solution with more uses than you could imagine. It’s so useful that you should choose it for your Kennesaw carpet cleaning business.

Electrolyzed water means cleaner carpets.

Sodium hydroxide is a powerful degreaser and stain-lifter that’s gentle on carpets. The hypochlorous acid is as powerful as bleach when it comes to killing disease-causing germs, but it won’t affect the color of carpets the way bleach would.

Electrolyzed water is the agent you want on hand for those really messy jobs!

Electrolyzed water means greener carpet cleaning.

Going green could be a boon for your carpet cleaning business–everyone wants to hire the cleaner who doesn’t use harsh chemicals that could harm pets and little kids. It will also make you feel really good to know that you can do a thorough job without leaving behind toxic residue.

Electrolyzed water means generating all the cleaning power you need on-site.

By installing an electrolyzed water generator right in the location you run your business out of, you can produce the volume of cleaning agent you need. There’s no waiting for packages and bottles to arrive in shipments. You don’t need to worry about safely storing hazardous chemicals. Everything you need for safe and thorough carpet cleaning is available right on site.

You’ll save money since you won’t have to pay for bulk cleaning chemicals. In this way, too, your business will get greener since you won’t have to purchase as many items that come in plastic packaging.

We’d love to tell you even more benefits of electrolyzed water for independent carpet cleaners like you! Call us today to find out how we can help improve your business.

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