Empowered Water® Improves Seafood Safety

At EAU Technologies, our Empowered Water® systems are used for a diverse range of needs, including safety and cleanliness in food service industry.

In fact, electrolyzed water can lower the chances of bacterial contamination in seafood, including fish, shrimp, and oysters.

Since seafood requires extensive time for travel, storage, and packaging, it can be more likely to harbor dangerous bacteria like E. coli and V. parahaemolyticus. But seafood retailers who use smart water to soak food products for a few minutes at a time see a significantly lower number of infectious bacteria compared to seafood retailers who use tap water.

Using electrolyzed oxidizing (EO) water in seafood markets could significantly improve food safety standards among business owners, fishermen, and the general public. Especially when fish or oysters are being brought in from other parts of the country or separate continents.

EAU Technologies works with business owners and operators around the United States and world to provide safe water treatment solutions for food processing and hygiene purposes. EO water is safe for the environment, non-toxic, and ideal for safely removing pathogens without harsh chemical products.

When you use smart water for your food or beverage company, you can enjoy the benefits of:

  • Lower water and electric bills
  • Better safety for your employees
  • Efficient prep and cleaning time
  • Improved sanitation results
  • No lingering odors or tastes

In fact, some of the world’s largest beverage companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi use Empowered Water® systems in their beverage plants.

In fact, smart water systems are FDA approved and recognized as USDA organic products, making them a no-brainer for the safety of your business and customers! Contact us today to learn about using empowered water in the seafood or food prep industry.

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