Hospitality uses for SafeWater®

When you stay in a hotel room, you expect the sheets and comforter that you sleep on to be clean. You expect the towels and wash cloths that you use to be clean and sanitary. When you eat in a restaurant, you expect the table cloths and reusable napkins to be clean and sanitary. You never expect to go to public places where hospitality is served to leave sick or exposed to dangerous germs.

But what about dangerous substances?

Hospitality industries, restaurants, lodging, cruise lines, and the like, must all deal with loads and loads of laundry. Literally. The most common color for linens is white, and bleach is the most widely used substance for cleaner. Yet, bleach is known as a toxic substance with dangerous chemicals. Have you ever thought about how putting linens cleaned with bleach against your skin affect your body and your health?

EAU Technologies is an innovative technology and engineering company with a laser focus on Clean-In-Place (CIP) applications for the hospitality industry. Did you know that the restaurant and hospitality industry is a leading commerce in the United States? Customers visit places of interest for enjoyment, work, family travelling, and more and they expect that proper health and cleanliness regulations are followed.

The number one reason for shut downs in the hospitality and restaurant field is health concern to patrons and employees. Uncleanliness in the food prep area, dishes that are not thoroughly cleaned, an unsanitary environment, unsanitary linens, and improper handling of discarded foods and waste leave everyone who works or who frequents a hospitality industry vulnerable to sickness and disease.

EAU Technologies wants to help this industry replace many of the traditional toxic chemical cleaning methods and products that have been used for decades. SafeWater® offers exceptional microbicidal capabilities while leaving no toxicity to humans or the environment. SafeWater® cleans 100x more effectively than bleach, yet it leaves behind no harmful chemicals or toxins that put people at risk.

If you want to ensure your customers that their safety is your greatest priority, EAU Technologies’ SafeWater® is the right choice. We have revolutionized what is possible for cleaning and disinfecting every aspect of the hospitality industry.

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