How Does SafeWater Compare with Bleach?

With claims out there that electrolyzed water is ten times more effective than bleach, you might be a bit skeptical.

SafeWater is, in fact, safer and more effective than bleach.

What Is Chlorine?

When you hear the word “chlorine,” you might think of bleach. But there are actually different kinds of chlorine. One of those is a non-toxic substance called hypochlorous acid.

Your white blood cells produce hypochlorous acid to fight off infections. This all-natural and completely safe kind of chlorine is one of the two byproducts of water electrolysis.

The hypochlorous acid in SafeWater can be used to disinfect anything from bedding to produce to floors to babies’ pacifiers.

SafeWater vs. Bleach: Which Is Better?

SafeWater is a chlorine like bleach but it’s also a natural product that won’t leave any harmful residue. Businesses are turning to water electrolysis systems so that they can mass-produce the volumes of fresh Safewater they need to provide a sanitary product and maintain a hygienic environment.

Installing the system can seem like a big upfront investment, but it’s worth it. Using SafeWater means saying goodbye to all the plastic waste and toxic residue that comes from using bottled bleach. This is healthier for both humans and the environment, plus it will lead to a healthier cash flow for your company.

Industrial Water Electrolysis Applications

Electrolyzed water has many varied applications. There’s actually no limit. Food preparation facilities, hygiene product formulations, hospitals, hospitality industries and other businesses all stand to benefit by implementing SafeWater.

Is it time for your business to get onboard with SafeWater? Contact EAU Technologies to find out more about water electrolysis in Kennesaw, GA.

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