Isn’t Our Water Already Safe? The Answer Will Surprise You

People tell you how important it is to drink enough water. Eight, 8 oz. glasses of water a day at the least is the most common recommendation. While many people do try to consume the recommended amount, few people take the time to question the safety of the water that they drink. Isn’t our water already safe? Do I need to worry about it? According to most agencies, the tap water that comes into your home is considered generally safe if it comes from a public water system in the United States. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has the authority to monitor all public water systems and enforce the water quality standards. Yet, does “generally safe” truly mean safe enough?

Water that leaves a water treatment plant must meet strict safety standards, but that does not mean that your water is free of all contaminants – just that the level of those contaminants does not pose any serious health risk.

EAU Technologies, Inc. wants to transform the quality of all water in which consumers will encounter. Water is used to clean the produce you purchase at the grocery. Water is used in all restaurants for cooking your food and for cleaning surfaces where foods are prepared. Water is used in the production of millions of products that consumers purchase every day in the United States.

EAU Technologies, Inc. wants to eliminate toxins from water treatment facilities so that they do not reach you in your home. Lead is a dangerous contaminant that can be found in tap water. The EPA keeps the standards that allows safe water to enter the home’s water supply system. However, EAU Technologies, Inc. wants to make it so that water never poses a health risk to home owners and consumers.

EAU Technologies, Inc. is an innovative technology and engineering company positioned to become the leading supplier of water electrolysis technology in the United States. Our Empowered Water® technologies offer exceptional microbicidal capabilities, while having no toxicity to humans, animals, or the environment. Years of documented tests have demonstrated Empowered Water’s unprecedented pathogen-killing effectiveness. We want to make your water safe, not just safe enough.

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