Let EAU Tech Help Your Business Save Money!

Is your company trying to save money?

EAU Technologies, Inc. has been helping local Kennesaw businesses cut back on their expenses for several years by installing on-site electrolyzed water generators.

How can electrolyzed water (known as Empowered Water® here at EAU Tech) reduce your spending? Here are at least five different ways:

  1. Spend Less on Water
    The Empowered Water® solution disinfects and cleanses all in one step and there is no chemical residue to flush away. This source reduces the amount of water you use and also cuts down on the amount of wastewater your company produces.
  2. Spend Less on Cleaning Agents
    Paying for packaged chemicals means that part of your money is just going towards the bottles and boxes they come in, not to mention shipping costs and markups. Avoid those hidden costs by producing your own cleaning solutions with EAU Tech.
  3. Healthier Work Environment
    Since Empowered Water® is non-toxic, you can use it anywhere with zero risk of chemical irritation or allergies. Your employees will take fewer sick days (which saves you money) and the safe and chemical-free environment will mean a lower risk of lawsuit for your company.
  4. Lower Your Energy Bill
    Empowered Water® is effective as is, and doesn’t require scalding-hot water to disinfect. There’s no need to pay to heat large quantities of water to clean.
  5. Boost Employee Productivity
    Employees who work often with caustic cleaning chemicals take frequent sick days or may even quit as a result of the harsh environment. This leads to a need for training new employees regularly. Empowered Water® provides a working environment that will help you retain a loyal base of productive workers.

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