Need Electrolyzed Water in Kennesaw? Why You Should Choose EAU Technologies

Water electrolysis has revolutionized the cleaning and sanitization procedures of countless business across multiple industries in Georgia. Electrolyzed water is a non-toxic yet powerful disinfectant that leaves no odor or residue. Are you ready to incorporate electrolyzed water into your company? Here’s why you should choose EAU technologies.

1. We’re Highly Experienced in Water Electrolysis Technology

Did you know that EAU Technologies is behind big names such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Hidden Valley? Not only have we provided valuable service to large and reputable companies, but we’re backed by two full decades of experience in water electrolysis.

2. We Both Lease and Sell SafeWater Generators

Is your company a bit short on capital to fully purchase a water electrolysis system? That’s not a problem for us. We can work out a lease arrangement that will comfortably suit your budget, so that you can start using SafeWater right away and enjoy the financial savings that result.

3. We Provide Custom-Designed Water Electrolysis Systems

Whether you need to make 100 gallons of electrolyzed water per hour or 10,000, we can set you up with the system your company needs. You won’t need to worry about spending any more on water electrolysis tech than you actually plan to use, since EAU Technologies can create a system that’s customized to your business.

4. We Service Your Industry!

From hospitality and medicine to agriculture and manufacturing, there’s hardly an industry where there isn’t an application for the SafeWater that EAU Technologies provides. It only takes one simple phone call to find out how we can help make your company cleaner, healthier, greener, and more efficient.

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