Safety in Food Processing Plants

Long before our food makes it to our kitchen tables, or even to our grocery cart, it goes through a food processing facility where it’s cleaned, packed, and readied for consumer consumption.

It’s during this stage that the likelihood of contact with food-borne contaminants such as listeria is highest – especially if that plant fails to follow safety and sanitation procedures.

Poor or forgotten sanitation procedures also threaten a product or business’ bottom line when they’re required to recall their goods, get threatened with facility shutdowns, or when customers decide to take their money elsewhere for fear of bringing a food-borne illness home to their families.

Processing facilities that opt to clean and disinfect their equipment with EAU’s innovated Empowered Water technology, however, can rest easy knowing that the products they’re delivering to consumers are safe. 

EAU Technologies offer some of the most effective, environmentally-friendly water equipment to help ensure your high-volume, industrial, or commercial plants and processes are clean, disinfected, and most importantly, harmless for the consumer. Our technologies are not only microbicidal, but also non-toxic and safe for animals, people, and the earth.  

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