SafeWater™ Keeps Consumers Safe

It’s rare these days to turn on the news or browse the Internet without coming across a headline like this one: “Listeria Outbreak Linked to Contaminated Produce.”

In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that nearly 48 million people get sick each year as a result of eating food contaminated not only with listeria, but other dangerous pathogens like E. coli and salmonella.

These outbreaks do more than cost companies millions of dollars in unsellable product. They also cause real and serious harm to the consumers who trusted them to sell food that was safe for their families to eat. 

While some companies and manufacturers are throwing their hands up in frustration as to what to do about the outbreak of these foodborne illnesses, others are discovering how electrolyzed water can keep their products, and consumers, safe.

Compared to traditional chemicals used in food processing such as chlorine and detergents, EAU SafeWater™ is an effective, sustainable, environmentally-sound electrolyzed water that doesn’t create strains of dangerous, resistant pathogens, instead leaving behind clean, safe-to-consume food processed in sterile facilities. Electrolyzed water is safe enough to be consumed by people, and leaves a near-invisible footprint in the ecosystem.

When companies choose SafeWater, it’s clear that they’re putting the health of the consumer first – and that their brand is one that values quality, sustainability, and above all, safety.

You can learn more about SafeWater here. And to see how electrolyzed water is affecting positive change in food safety, check out this article in Good Fruit Grower magazine.

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