Should Your Kennestone Medical Facility Install an Electrolyzed Water Generator?

In short, yes, you absolutely should!

We’re not just saying that because we design and install electrolyzed water generators. We’re saying that because we know just how big of a difference electrolyzed water can make in the quality of care you offer your patients.

What Is Electrolyzed Water?

First of all, you need to know what electrolyzed water actually is. Here at EAU Technologies, we call our formula “Empowered Water®”. Empowered Water® is the result when an electrical current is applied to a special salt water solution. The resulting solution is chemical-free and non-toxic with the disinfection capability of bleach.

Why Your Clinic Needs Empowered Water®

Sanitation is more important to medical clinics and facilities than to any other business. You probably spend more on cleaning and sterilization supplies and processes than you do on marketing!

Empowered Water® will be one more powerful tool to help you keep up with the cleaning demands to provide a safe and healthy environment.

Empowered Water® will also help you save money by reducing your need for packaged cleaning chemicals and their associated shipping and storage costs. Since Empowered Water® doesn’t require either hot water or rinsing, you’ll also cut back on your energy and water bills.

Empowered Water® means reducing staff exposure to chemical irritants, minimizing work hazards.

And since Empowered Water® is more eco-friendly than traditional cleaning methods, you’ll draw in more patients with your green cleaning technology.

Why EAU Technologies?

We specialize in providing customized systems to businesses that need lots of water for proper disinfection, like healthcare facilities. Plus, we’re passionate about helping Kennesaw healthcare providers create non-toxic environments in which to treat patients.

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