The Impact of a Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint: /noun/ the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels by a particular person, group, business, etc.

A carbon footprint is basically the set of greenhouse gas emissions caused by something. It can be calculated for a product, service, person, company, and an entire country to understand the impact that human activity has upon the earth’s climate. 

In the United States, health care is the top component for our country’s carbon footprint. Hospitals, clinics, and all types of doctor’s offices (including general practitioners, specialists, dentists, nursing homes, etc.) require electricity, heating, cooling, cleaning, and equipment to deal with waste that is generated on a daily basis. All together, these sources of “emissions” make up a giant carbon footprint in our single country. 

Guidelines have been established and enforced in order to minimize the risk of healthcare associated diseases for patients, staff, care givers, and those who maintain healthcare facilities. The ginormous weight that rests on the healthcare system in America alone is staggering and seems almost insurmountable. 

EAU Technologies wants to partner with the healthcare industry to promote the highest standard in health, sanitation, and cleanliness. EAU Technologies’ SafeWater® is empowered water that kills pathogens very quickly without the use of toxic chemicals. With the regulations of companies, businesses, and industries to reduce their carbon footprints along with OSHA’s requirements for clean and sanitary work environments in the healthcare industry – healthcare is often put between a rock and a hard place. How are medical care facilities thoroughly cleaned – all of the surfaces, patient rooms, instruments, and common areas with an “appropriate disinfectant” (a diluted bleach solution and EPA-registered antimicrobial products) without causing a significant carbon footprint?

EAU Technologies’ SafeWater® replaces traditional toxic chemical methods and products that are currently being used to clean and disinfect healthcare settings. Not only is quality and cleanliness assured, but the carbon footprint is significantly reduced. Our breakthrough technology offers cleaning and disinfecting with highly effective green technology without toxicity.

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