What Does “Going Green” Really Mean?

The term “going green” is commonly thrown around these days. As with most things that become colloquial speech, “going green” is often used in ways that it truly does not apply. Going green means to pursue knowledge and practices that can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles, which can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations. At EAU Technologies, Inc. we are devising a specialized water treatment and CIP technology to provide the benefits both for our environment and for all of those who live and work in it.

EAU Technologies’ SafeWater is “empowered water” that kills pathogens very quickly, thus eliminating a “physical kill.” Traditional methods of killing pathogens requires the use of toxic chemicals that pose extreme threats to anything and anyone who gets in their path. Empowered water has a high oxidative reduction potential (ORP) which damages the pathogen’s cell wall membrane. The damaged membrane allows water to flood the cell faster than the cell can expel it, literally causing the cell to burst. Because this reaction happens so rapidly, there is only plain water and dead organics left with no “grey water” full of chemicals.

SafeWater solves many problems caused by large factories and their employees:

  • Cost effective
  • Green alternative to common chemicals
  • Does not create resistant strains of pathogens
  • Leaves little, if any, chemical residue
  • Reduces production CIP down time
  • Uses less energy because it allows for lower cleaning temperatures
  • Keeps employees free from having to clean with toxic chemicals
  • Allows companies to attain their sustainability goals
  • Allows companies to reduce their carbon footprints
  • Reduces waste water generation, which reduces waste water treatment requirements
  • Can be used for cleaning produce
  • Can be generated in high volume industrial and commercial applications

At EAU Technologies, Inc. we are setting the standard for going green. Our innovative technology is revolutionizing food safety and the way businesses think about cleaning and disinfecting without toxicity.

Posted on behalf of EAU Technologies, Inc.

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