Why You Never Hear About Electrolyzed Water

It’s gentle on burns and acne. It can wash your laundry. It cleans floors. It disinfects swimming pools and hospital bedding. It’s safe enough to drink. What is it? None other than the miracle that is electrolyzed water.

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If electrolyzed water is so great and has been around for so long, then why don’t you hear more about it?

Electrolyzed Water Doesn’t Store Well

Electrolyzed water is the result of applying an electrical current to salt water. It splits the elements up into a strong detergent and a powerful disinfectant. Both agents are non-toxic and work better than bleach. The only downside is that they aren’t very stable.

In a short matter of time, electrolyzed water breaks back down into normal water. It isn’t a product you can bottle and sell so if you want to use it you’ll have to make it yourself.

Electrolyzed Water Requires Upfront Costs

The equipment needed to produce electrolyzed water upfront can be costly. It’s usually an ideal system for businesses, saving them money on cleaning agents. But most people aren’t in a position to install the equipment in their private homes.

Electrolyzed Water Is Scent- and Lather-Free

Electrolyzed water doesn’t look or smell much different from regular water. Many people doubt its efficacy when they use it for the first time. It’s a fact, however—electrolyzed water doesn’t need bubbles or harsh odors to be a powerful cleaner.

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