4 Problems in the Commercial Farming Industry SafeWater Can Solve

Commercial farmers face several challenges throughout the process of delivering healty produce. Incorporating SafeWater into every step of cultivation and result in a healthier environment and better end product.

Here are four problems of the agricultural industry that SafeWater can fix.

1. Deter Pests without Poisoning Produce

Leaving crops untreated can put them at risk of being destroyed by or infected with dangerous pests. But many effective pesticides can be harmful to humans. SafeWater is ae efficient pest-repellent that’s also harmless to people.

2. Clean Produce Safely without Compromising Taste or Quality

The next challenge comes when it’s time to harvest and process a crop. Debris such as insects, dirt, and any chemical traces need to be washed off before produce can be safely consumed. The problem is that many cleaning agents can alter the taste or texture of the produce. Electrolyzed water can sanitize food products without leaving any harmful or unpleasant residue.

3. Avoid Dangerous Outbreaks of Disease

One outbreak of E. coli could be all it takes to cause suffering to hundreds of people and damage a company name forever. By relying on the disinfectant properties of SafeWater, commercial farmers can significantly lower their chances of spreading a dangerous bacterium around.

4. Maintain a Safe Working Environment for Employees

SafeWater is non-toxic and won’t irritate skin or eyes. It’s a gentle cleaning agent, which makes it ideal for employees who typically spend long hours working with produce-cleaning chemicals.

Between economic fluctuations and unstable weather patterns, commercial farming in Georgia is challenging enough. Using SafeWater empowers companies in the industry to eliminate the problems they can control.

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