Benefits of Using Electrolyzed Water on Your Produce

When Kennesaw, Georgia consumers enjoy their fresh or organic produce, they want to know that the foods they’re eating are safe and free of pesticides that are known to cause long‐term adverse effects on human health.

Are you following the guidelines set forth in the good manufacturing practice (GMP) quality management system? The strong chemicals that aren’t suitable for human consumption are not necessary to use in either pre or post-harvest sanitation practices.

Electrolyzed water is Good Manufacturing Practices approved. Not only is it safe, but it’s also effective for reducing the residue of acephate, omethoate, and DDVP pesticides. Along with the consumer benefiting, you, the farmer will as well because electrolyzed water can disinfect fruit, vegetable, and nut yielding plants to kill bacteria, yeast, molds, viruses, and other harmful organisms that can ruin an entire crop. It can even be applied inside greenhouses to kill pathogens in the air, making the atmosphere safe for you and your employees.

Since electrolyzed water can be used to disinfect as well as clean plants, you company will reduce its carbon footprint by using less water, making it easier to adhere to EPA standards of water usage.

Where to Get Electrolyzed Water For Your Crops?

EAU Technologies, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets equipment that produces Empowered Water® (electrolyzed water), a non-toxic cleaning and disinfecting fluid used for food safety applications in Kennesaw, GA and throughout the United States.

As the leading supplier of electrolyzed water technology, we’re committed to making a superior product that is safe for everyone including the environment. To see what Empowered Water® and EAU Technologies, Inc. can do for you give us a call today. We can be reached at (678) 388-9492.

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