Could Electrolyzed Water Help You Heal Faster?

Electrolyzed water has been proven effective at killing extremely dangerous pathogens such as E. coli, C. difficile, HIV, and MRSA. Electrolyzed water is also non-toxic to humans and animals, and environmentally-friendly.

This gentle yet potent cleanser may hold yet another incredible benefit by helping wounds heal faster.

2017 Study Investigates the Healing Effects of Electrolyzed Water

Electrolyzed water has been recognized as an antiseptic agent for some time now, but no one has been able to establish exactly why it’s good for helping injuries to heal. Some researchers in Korea set out to explore the effects of electrolyzed water by comparing it with other antiseptic agents.

Hairless mice with superficial wounds were treated with different kinds of antiseptics to see which type delivered the best results. This 2017 study concluded that electrolyzed water was both more effective and cheaper than saline, alcohol, and iodine.

In case you were worried, the wounds these test mice had were only tiny biopsy punches and the mice were anesthetized before getting them. This controlled method allowed the researchers to get the best insights into the healing process. The mice didn’t feel a thing and they recovered just fine!

Kennesaw Electrolyzed Water Applications in the Healthcare Industry

With further testing and regulation, electrolyzed water could become even more important to the field of medicine as a powerful antiseptic and topical healing agent

For now, EAU Technologies is the proud supplier of electrolyzed water for other cleaning purposes, both medical and industrial. Our water is perfect for sanitizing everything from floors to bedding to food processing equipment.

Call us today to learn about the applications of electrolyzed water and how it can benefit your Kennesaw business.

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