Get Cleaner Linens with Electrolyzed Water

Empowered Water® is changing the way that linens in a commercial setting are being washed.  By killing microbial pathogens, electrolyzed water is a highly effective way to clean and sanitize your commercial laundry safely and naturally.  Using electrolyzed water doesn’t require high temperatures. In fact, it’s most effective between 50-86 ºF.

How Effective is Electrolyzed Water?

Electrolyzed water is not only gentle but it’s also so powerful that it can replace harmful chemicals like quaternary ammonium (Quats), chlorine bleach, and Ozone (O3). It kills bacteria, bacterial spores, and viruses like MRSA, tuberculosis, and HIV 100 times more effectively than chlorine bleach. And it does all of that without altering the color of the fabric as bleach does.

Electrolyzed water doesn’t corrode fabric either, or leave any residuals that cause skin itching or irritation.

When you invest in an Electrolyzed Water system for your commercial business, you can know that you’re taking your service to the next level.

Other Uses

In addition to efficiently cleaning your towels and sheets, EAU Technologies Empowered Water® can be used to wash and sanitize laundry carts, containers, covers, and liners that came in contact with the soiled linens. Counters, floors, and bathrooms can also be germ free by being wiped down with electrolyzed water.  It’s so gentle that it can even be used to sanitize your hands afterward.

Make the Change

Now is the time to incorporate the use of safer and more natural alternatives to toxic chemicals. Stop poisoning yourself, your workers, your customers, and the environment. Call EAU Technologies of Kennesaw, Georgia today to find out more about our Empowered Water® and see what a difference it can make. You’ll wonder why you didn’t make the change sooner.

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