Is Electrolyzed Water Safe to Drink?

Electrolyzed water is used in applications like dishwashing, food prep, medicine, and hospitality. This means that sooner or later at some point you’ll come into contact with it. This begs an ever-important question: is electrolyzed water safe to drink? 

Electrolyzed Water Is Non-Toxic

There’s a reason we call our electrolyzed water Empowered Water here at EAU Technologies. It is a non-toxic liquid that spells doom only for harmful germs, not natural human body processes.

Empowered Water is a gentle substance that doesn’t have any harmful elements. You can use it for just about anything without worrying about toxic traces or chemical films.

So, you can use Empowered Water with the peace of mind that it won’t make you sick. Does this mean that you can just drink it down like regular water?

Should You Drink Electrolyzed Water?

One of the byproducts of water electrolysis is a weak base formula. Being a base or basic means that electrolyzed water is the opposite of acidic liquids. Some people claim that you should drink this basic or alkaline liquid to balance the pH of your body.

While there are some emerging studies that suggest alkaline water has some health benefits, the results are new and limited. For now, doctors recommend regular water as the safest and most effective way to stay hydrated.

Not all “alkaline water” is made via water electrolysis. But a shortcut of mixing baking soda with water won’t get you the same results as genuine water electrolysis so you have to be cautious of where your “alkaline water” is coming from.

If you’re interested in learning more about electrolyzed water, call our Kennesaw team to learn more.

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