Taking Care of Your Produce

You go to the grocery to pick up food for you and your family. You bring it home to eat and sustain you. Yet, how much consideration do you give to the health of the foods you bring home?

All produce that you bring into your home needs to be washed before you eat it. With the exception of “triple washed” lettuce that is sealed in its packaging, all produce is man-handled multiple times. Germs are everywhere, on everything you touch, so washing produce off will help to eliminate germs that can make you and your family ill. Yet, these days there are much more than just germs to worry about on your produce.

Pesticides are chemicals that were created to protect crops from being destroyed. Farmers across the world understand the destruction, both to their product and to their bottom line, when pests attack their crops. Pesticides are chemicals that are sprayed on crops to deter, incapacitate, kill, or otherwise discourage pests from harming growing fruits and vegetables. While this most certainly benefits the growers, what impact does the use of pesticides have on consumers?

Pesticides are toxic chemicals to humans. Multiple studies have shown that even after food has been rinsed before putting out for purchase, produce that you bring into your home still contain pesticides – some at dangerous levels. When produce is placed in stores from commercially grown farms, a spray “fog” is used to kill mold, mildew, and other components. This “fog” can remain on the produce that you purchase. If you have ever bought a red apple with a whitish film on it, then you know what we are talking about.

EAU Technologies’ SafeWater® eliminates the entire process of applying toxins to the foods that you and your family will consume. SafeWater® can be sprayed in greenhouses and thoroughly clean the foods that will come into your home and to your family’s table. SafeWater® can be directly sprayed onto crops grown in large quantities to sanitize the produce. It can be used to rinse fruits and vegetables, spray them down, or completely immerse them to ensure that the produce you eat is clean and safe.

At EAU Technologies, Inc. we want to transform the way that produce is handled from the field to your table.

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