The Science Behind Electrolyzed SafeWater

What’s Electrolyzed water? It’s not too different from how it sounds – having an electric current applied to the H2O. But how this reacts to molecules in water is what causes transformation from ordinary water to an extraordinary cleansing agent.

How SafeWater Is Made

SafeWater starts with what’s basically a saltwater solution. The salt portion is called sodium chloride. When this is added to the water and then an electrical charge is initiated, something fascinating happens to the water.

Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen. But after going through electrolysis, the molecules rearrange and separate into two unique solutions.

The salt travels to the negatively-charged part of the chamber and then binds with split water molecules to create a solution called sodium hydroxide. At the positively-charged end, the water changes into hypochlorous acid, a substance so natural your own body produces it.

Sodium hydroxide is an alkaline solution and perfect for cutting grease and oils. The hypochlorous acid kills germs and eliminates odor.

What Happens When You Use SafeWater

Electrolyzed water attacks pathogens and eliminates them faster than traditional disinfecting chemicals. The hypochlorous acid ruptures the cell wall of germs which lets more fluid rush in and cause the pathogen to burst.

The Many Applications of SafeWater

This incredible technology renders cleaning chemicals obsolete. When produced in commercial volumes, SafeWater can effectively cleanse and deodorize without any additional cleaning solutions. This will cut costs over time and lower the chances of someone having a reaction to chemicals. It also means zero-impact on the environment since SafeWater has no traces elements that wash out into rivers and oceans.

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