Why Can’t I Just Buy Bottled SafeWater?

You’ve heard about the benefits of electrolyzed water. It sounds like it could provide your business with the boost it needs to go green and save on cleaning chemical costs.

Still, you may wonder: is it really necessary to install an entire system for producing electrolyzed water?

Why You Can’t Bottle SafeWater

The electrolyzing process transforms simple water into a powerful disinfectant called hypochlorous acid. This solution is as powerful as bleach but not irritating or harmful as bleach can be.

Hypochlorous acid, unfortunately, is not stable for long. In a matter of weeks, it can dissipate and leave you once again with plain water. SafeWater works best when it’s made fresh, so it doesn’t do well if left on a store shelf for weeks at a time.

There are some other practical reasons for making your own SafeWater instead of buying it in containers.

The SafeWater System Is Convenient

When you’re able to produce SafeWater on-site, that’s one less product you have to worry about ordering and stocking. The less packaging involved, the less impact on the environment. Producing electrolyzed water on-demand means that you won’t waste any of the valuable product, either, by letting it expire.

A SafeWater system is best-suited for the industrial setting where large quantities will be used every day.

What Can SafeWater Mean for You?

Installing the SafeWater system can involve significant upfront expense. But making SafeWater an integrated part of your company will ultimately result in savings and benefits to your business. Your brand will develop a positive reputation for being environmentally-conscious.

Contact EAU Technologies to learn more about how installing a SafeWater system could benefit your company.

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