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3 Ways SafeWater Can Help Your Business Go Green

Jun 28, 2018
“Going green” means incorporating eco-friendly decisions and actions into your company’s strategy. Going green is far more than just a marketing catchphrase, but the endeavor will have a positive impact on your customer or client base and the community.

The Science Behind Electrolyzed SafeWater

Apr 24, 2018
What’s Electrolyzed water? It’s not too different from how it sounds – having an electric current applied to the H2O. But how this reacts to molecules in water is what causes transformation from ordinary water to an extraordinary cleansing agent.

What Does "Going Green" Really Mean?

Jan 29, 2018
The term “going green” is commonly thrown around these days. As with most things that become colloquial speech, “going green” is often used in ways that it truly does not apply.

Taking Care of Your Produce

Dec 30, 2017
You go to the grocery to pick up food for you and your family. You bring it home to eat and sustain you. Yet, how much consideration do you give to the health of the foods you bring home?

Hospitality uses for SafeWater®

Nov 27, 2017
When you stay in a hotel room, you expect the sheets and comforter that you sleep on to be clean. You expect the towels and wash cloths that you use to be clean and sanitary. When you eat in a restaurant, you expect the table cloths and reusable napkins to be clean and sanitary. You never expect to go to public places where hospitality is served to leave sick or exposed to dangerous germs.